Feb. 24th, 2010 02:07 pm
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I'm getting ready to make the dough for my hamentaschen (I'm much more a cook than a baker, and making these is particularly annoying... but it wouldn't be Purim without them, and besides, I promised Kerri some, and you don't taunt a pregnant lady* like that.)

I have the recipe on my computer, but I wanted to check something, so I pulled out my grandmother's old copy of the American Jewish Cookbook (my family's other bible). My mother bought copies for each of us when we went off to college, but mine went missing somewhere over the years, so almost ten years ago now, when my grandmother died, I was the one to get her cookbook. My wonderful sister even went through and copied all of my mom's annotations in (how to make the hamentaschen parve, how to make the curried chicken without a double boiler). This edition is from 1952, and I'm having a wonderful timing looking at the dated black & white photos, seeing which pages have stains on them (looks like Grandma liked borscht -- or maybe Grandpa did), and just feeling a special moment of connection with the women in my family. It's a good thing.

*Surprise! She made the official announcement at Kilt & Corset night on her birthday, so I can finally say something. Exciting, no?

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