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Business cards for a writer with a focus on the Elizabethan era. She showed me some samples images from a book that appealed to her, I noticed a page from a book that looked like this, and suggested she use the business card as a short writing sample.  I love designing really personal business cards like this, that can visually give you so much more information than just the contact info!

Business cards

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fantastic !

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These are brilliant!

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Ooh, nice!

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Stunning! Really, one of your best. Nicely done!

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Oh, I love these.

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Oh, that's lovely!
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That's beautiful, both visually and textually.
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LOVE! <3

personal and creative AND pretty!
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Sweeeeet! I hope she is pleased.

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What a great signature piece!

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Wow! Those are really great!

I suppose I'd be asking for trouble if I priced custom die-cut cards, would I? I mean I have no idea how to go about having them made, but I'm sure it's spendy.

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Oh, you know, something with telephone poles, wires, roof peaks.... ;-)

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That is awesome! And beautiful! I love your design work, Gilly!

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That is one sweet business card. Epic work!!!


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I honestly think that is the coolest business card I've ever seen.