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Thursday we had auditions for my Bare Bones, 84 Charing Cross Road.  I did a lot of prep for them, writing out my bullet points for what I needed to cover in the beginning, making myself sheets to keep track of what sides had been assigned, etc.  It definitely paid off -- things seemed to go very smoothly, and we finished both groups ahead of time.  And everyone seemed to have fun, which is even more important.  We got a really good turnout, including a number of people who have directed me in the past, which I found both very flattering and slightly nerve-wracking, as a sophomore director.

Casting was HARD -- there were so many good readings that I easily could have cast the show three times over, and gotten three entirely different but equally excellent shows.  But in the end you can only cast once, so I had to make some tough choices, including not choosing some friends who are amazing actors that I would have loved the chance to direct.  We ended up with two new people (one of who has auditioned for us before) and one old Firstie, namely...

Frank Doel - Andrew Harrington
Helene Hanff - Karen Fanale
Cecily Farr / Megan Wells / Maxine Stuart / Others - Liz Adams

Our first read-through is tomorrow, and I can't wait.  The show will be Thursday April 19 -- mark your calendars now!

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