Oct. 31st, 2013

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and it's Aaron's, too, which makes it even more fun now. When we woke up this morning the Halloween Crustacean* had left a Haunted Mansion antenna topper for him, and when we went out this afternoon Aaron solemnly told me that the HC had deputized him to get me a Disney Villains make-up bag, but that he thought I might want to pick out which one myself.  It was a tough choice -- they're all pretty gorgeous -- but I finally went with an awesome Evil Queen one from Snow White, with an apple pattern inside.  He had also been desperately wanting the limited edition Haunted Mansion Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card from Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party; over a month ago I posted to some Disney bulletin boards asking if anyone was going to the event and would be willing to part with the cards, and someone picked some up and sent them just in time to arrive today, so I got to surprise him with that, which was the icing on the cake.

We dressed up in slightly Halloweeny normal clothes -- skeleton shirt and jack-o-lantern bandanna for him, Jack Skellington shirt and big dangly monster earrings for me and went to the Asian market to get some groceries.  We each picked out a weird food item to have as a trick or treat -- we weren't sure which it would be!  I picked out an item in the candy aisle called Haw Flakes and he went with fish-shaped mango-cream-filled pretzels.  Both of them were odd and kinda... tasty.... ....maybe? and definitely new and different, which is always fun.  And certainly better than the durian wafers we tried last time.  Blech, durian.

Soon he'll head off to rehearsal (he's stage managing Whistler in the Dark's next show) and I'll settle in to do some design work, and some time in the next few days we'll watch Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow and maybe It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and eat ourselves sick on candy corn (luckily, the dollar store has some without gelatin.)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

*One of the local schools apparently has some sort of crustacean -- it's not clear whether it's a lobster or crayfish -- as their mascot.  Every fall they hang a banner with this creature on it advertising their Fall Festival, and we've built a whole mythology around it. The Halloween Crustacean travels around the world every Halloween, giving gifts to spooky little boys and girls.  And big ones.

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